The U&i LLC Bio page briefly describes Ian's journey and path to personal and professional development. As an educator and entrepreneur Ian is committed to providing products and services which help others on their own path to fulfillment. Authentic self-assessment helps us accept our identity, cultivate our integrity, and realize our potential through a genuine commitment to self-discovery. Ian's professional development as well as U&i LLC's professional partnerships can also be found on the Bio page. 

It is a fundamental truth that at any given moment you can create yourself from the inside out.
Website photos credit:  Dee Soderstrom  &  Cate Vermeland  & myself...

Website photos credit: Dee Soderstrom & Cate Vermeland & myself...

+ Professional Development

  • 2018: School Yard Garden Conference
  • 2018: Master Gardener Core Course Curriculum
  • 2017: SuperAdobe Natural Building Complete Core Course Workshop
  • 2016: Advanced Teacher Training in Permaculture
  • 2015-2017: Permaculture Design Certifications (3)
  • 2016: Aquaponics Intensive Workshop
  • 2016: Bee Keeping Year 1 Cold Climates
  • 2011: B.A., Majors: Psychology & Community Arts

+ Professional Collaborations


U&i LLC exists for this purpose: to help others revive their connection to themselves and the natural world.

I believe we all have the ability to design a life worth living. After 12 years of substance abuse created a mountain range of internal frustration, depression, and anxiety, my body and mind grew tired of the fruitless path my feet tread upon. I was in need of revival. What I realized, was that I had no idea where to begin because I had no concept of Self. For the first time in my life, I truly understood something: I didn't know myself. So, I committed to change.

Since, I have become deeply invested in the work of self development. U&i is a place where I can share the lessons I've learned and the tools I've developed through my own process of self study and discovery, with you! Combining these interests and expertise into one professional suite, I offer: self revival, education, permaculture, and consultation services grounded in critical thinking and the creative design process. U&i is a place for individuals, communities, and organizations to revive themselves and the natural world through education, behavior modification, and strategic implementation.

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“…when you realize that you can no longer collaborate in something that violates your own integrity, your understanding of punishment is suddenly transformed… no punishment anyone lays on you could possibly be worse than the punishment you lay on yourself by conspiring in your own diminishment.”
— Parker Palmer, The Courage to Teach