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U&i LLC consultation services are provided to individuals, groups, and organizations. These services are offered in-person, over the phone, or online and focus on topics such as: organization and time management, strategic planning, creative problem solving, behavior modification and implementation, goal setting and best practices, lean business methods, and more. 


U&i Consultations are designed and tailored to meet the specific needs of your self, group, or organization. Ian's innate ability to think critically and creatively allows him to concisely identify the needs of your process. This generates a powerful consultation that provides valuable insights which will aide your endeavors. Whether you are in need of an organizational overhaul, hoping to clarify a vision or idea among your group, or wanting to create a life different than the one you lead, Ian is committed to helping you modify and construct a more fulfilling path. All U&i products and services are offered on a sliding scale fee based on needs and availability of clientele. Consultations are offered in-person, over the phone, and these online platforms: Skype, Zoom, & Google Hangouts.

Elements of U&i Consultations include but are certainly not limited to:


Strategic Planning
Lean Business Methods
Creative Problem Solving
Health of Social Ecosystem
Accountability & Implementation


Idea Generation
Time Management
Accountability & Implementation
Pattern Identification & Alteration

"Running water never grows stale, so you just have to keep on flowing." -Bruce Lee


Privately, U&i work together to identify your vision and outline a clear path to success. Perhaps you are fueled by intuition and convinced that change is on the horizon? Or maybe you have an idea that you want to flesh out and get off the ground? Whether you are looking for personal or professional assistance, Ian's collection of Self-Reflection Documents will provide a platform for U&i to process and plan together. Road maps are vital to the success of any project. U&i will create a road map to bring your project to fruition.


Collaborating with one another, we will create a sustainable environment where development and success come together. We will work to generate a platform where all are in accordance with a shared vision. Using the vision your group identifies, Ian will assist you in the process of organizing and prioritizing your next steps, while strategically planning for your success. Ian specializes in idea generation, creative solutions, and implementation strategies that are applicable to all development and planning processes.


While identifying your potential areas of growth we will outline strategies to: improve efficiency, increase productivity, and generate a positive pro-social atmosphere. Ian's organizational consultations are grounded in the lean planning method. He couples this with his instinctive ability to recognize challenges and redefine them as opportunities. Ian is a sensible and thoughtful consultant who has the ability to revive your business or organization through the shared process of collaboration.

Working together U&i can help turn weaknesses in to strengths so your strengths can become mastery...