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External Landscape

U&i LLC External Landscape Design services are offered to you, your community, or organization in both urban and rural settings. U&i LLC landscape architectures are grounded in the philosophy and design science of permaculture. Areas of knowledge and expertise include: gardening, edible vegetation, water retention, as well as soil health and biology. All landscape designs are sustainable and focus on minimal labor input and maximum environmental restoration. 

Permaculture Design

Permaculture is typically thought of as the design of sustainable agricultural ecosystems. However, the scope of permaculture reaches far beyond the external environment. U&i uses the permaculture ethics and design principles to encourage the creation of regenerative and truly sustainable systems; while reframing our thinking and creativity in order to implement realistic, authentic solutions. U&i utilizes self-revival as a tool to cultivate a life lived in concert with one's Internal Landscape Design.

With several hundred hours of permaculture design education and hands on experience informed by continued guidance and mentorship from established professionals U&i offers the services below, on a sliding scale fee based on the needs and availability of clientele, for your external landscape. Find Ian on the Worldwide Permaculture Network

"Without nature I don’t know how we can revive our intuition."     -Malidoma Patrice Some

Phone Consultations

Phone consultations will provide necessary information to inform your design process. Prior to a phone consultation, Ian will gather relevant data (climate, soil, predominant winds, and sun angles) beforehand and talk it over with you in detail. This consultation provides you with a better idea of the challenges and opportunities your property presents.

Generally lasting between 60-90 minutes

"Go outside, often, sometimes in wild places. Bring friends or not. Breathe." -Florence Williams


An in-person, on-site assessment of your property. During a walkabout U&i will walk together and discuss potential design strategies to implement. Ian generally creates a sketch of these ideas to leave with you. It also serves as a time to answer any questions you may have or pass along other readings or resources as they pertain to your design project.

Generally lasting between 1-3 hours

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” -John Muir

Permaculture Designs

A more extensive design laid out in greater detail. The final product will be agreed upon through conversations between U&i and could include: site assessment & analysis, design recommendations, plant lists, visual design, estimated cost analysis, and project management. Your "vision" will heavily influence the final product and design process as it unfolds.

Timeline and cost dictated by scope of project

“When we work with nature instead of trying to impose our will, the solution is often found within the problem.”
— David Holmgren: Co-founder of Permaculture