Internal Landscape

U&i LLC Internal Landscape Design services exist to help you live a more meaning life. Self-actualization is achieved through practical and sustainable behavior modification. U&i LLC utilizes: conscious and constructive self-reflection, the ethics and design principles of permaculture, eastern spiritual philosophies and practices, as well as western science to generate personal and communal revitaliaztion. Emphasis is placed on self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-care, and self-esteem. Methods of service and communities served vary widely. 

Internal Landscape

We can be shown the what, but we can’t be taught the how; and only when we uncover the why - can we discover who we truly are... Ian believes that self-development begins with self-awareness. Guided Self-Reflection informs your process of Self-Revival. The U&i Internal Landscape Design as well as other Self-Development Services aim to bring you to an internal edge zone where you can safely recognize your patterns and begin to accept feedback. This allows you to apply self-regulation in order to improve your quality of life. U&i Self-Revival services are customized and modified to suit the particular aspirations and desires of you or your community. If you are intrigued and interested in bringing U&i Internal Landscape Design services to your community please contact Ian.

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"The capacity to see clearly the far reaching consequences of a particular course of action requires a quality of discipline not easy to acquire." -Howard Thurman

Internal Landscape

Here, Ian combines his passion for spiritual development with inspiration from permaculture to create the unique flagship offering of U&i LLC. His Designing the Internal Landscape series is grounded in the philosophy that, permaculture provides a conceptual framework to design our way toward a more meaningful life; one which is inherently rooted in the health and spiritual well-being of the individual.

The process of self revival is ultimately a journey inward. Therefore, an Internal Landscape Design prompts you to think critically, constructively, and creatively about your inner terrain. Ivan Illich says, "effective health care begins with self care." So, our foundation of well-being is grounded in physical health as well as our spiritual well-being.

Ian has synthesized: methods of permaculture design, eastern spiritual philosophy, and the pragmatism of western sciences to create a unique and powerful approach to self-development. One that goes beyond self-care and evokes, self-revival.

Self Reflection

The purpose of U&i is to reconnect you with your Self and the natural world by way of your own intuition. As your understanding of Self begins to increase and mature, so does this intrinsic guidance. By recognizing themes and patterns in your life, your self awareness evolves. As self awareness evolves, it can become authentic self acceptance. Once you accept who and where you truly are, then you can begin the genuinely exciting journey of creating who you want to be... You can Design your own Internal Landscape.

The U&i self-reflection series is comprised of exercises Ian developed through his own explorations in self discovery. By distilling, modifying, and adapting content from multiple resources during thousands of hours of research and exploration Ian created a number of Self-Reflection Documents which make the process tangible and straightforward. These are utilized in many of Ian's public presentations. They are also available as stand alone opportunities to delve deeper in to your journey of self discovery and actualization.

QiGong Instruction

Ian places emphasis on awareness of body and breath. Through experience, he has learned the value of a diversified approach to self discovery. Ian is a committed practitioner of QiGong and has explored multiple forms of Yoga, Meditation, Taiji and Kung Fu. He remains a committed practitioner of these disciplines and finds the cross-pollination of multiple spiritual art forms enables him to delve deeper into the path and each practice.

Ian teaches that by combining:

one develops a more honest and intimate understanding of their internal ecology. This understanding keeps the Self grounded and safe when exploring the emotional content that self reflection often stirs. Practicing these three disciplines in unison leads to powerful transformations.

“I don’t think people are looking for the meaning of life so much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.”
— Joseph Campbell