Self Reflection

What you seek is seeking you.
— Rumi

Ever wondered if there is some thing keeping you from contentment?

It has been my experience that the process of self development, self reflection, and eventually emergence of self-efficacy is ultimately an intrinsic one. I have reflected on this interrelationship and documented the process which I worked (and I am still working today) in order to make the process of self reflection and development more tangible for you. The emergence of self-efficacy is a journey. Ultimately, that is my work, to support, guide and assist you with my presence and the exercises I have developed (FOUND HERE) in processing your own unique Internal Landscape. It is of my opinion that self-efficacy can not be given but it can be earned. I am here to help you earn that which can only be yours: Self.

Elements of my work include but are not limited to:

  • Organization
  • Prioritization
  • Authentication
  • Time Management
  • Pattern Identification & Alteration
  • Spiritual & Environmental Sustainability
  • Self-Reflection, Self-Acceptance, & Self-Development

All of which I believe culminate in the commitment to self development. By identifying and accepting who and where we are at this time in life ~ we are honoring the first and most essential element of change: honestly assessing our starting point. Often times, this is the most challenging part of our work. We don't know where to begin because we don't know where we are. It also stands to be the most rewarding and invigorating part of our work together, to view ourselves, as we are, wholesome and flawed. Only then, can we begin to truly work on change at the foundational level. Our honesty provides the depth which is required to work with and heal our "roots."

Ian has developed a myriad of ways to make the self-reflection process tangible, mainly through written exercises (FOUND HERE) and verbal processing.

It is my passion to work with you. U&i together on the unending journey of self-discovery. You may encounter hardships and we will face them together earnestly and in good faith. We will laugh. We will learn to grow. All while, specifically focusing on your path and journey of designing your own internal landscape.

With Peace & Many Blessings,
Ian C. Williams

Effective health care depends on self-care; this fact is currently heralded as if it were a discovery.
— Ivan Illich