The U&i LLC Testimonial Page provides feedback from partners, clients, customers, and students who have firsthand experience with U&i LLC products or services. Comments about the self-reflection documents and other services such as: personal and professional consultations, environmental education, private qigong instruction, and workshop attendees can be found here. 


+ Internal Landscape Design Workshop Students

"Ian's Internal Landscape Design work provides the strong personal foundation people need to transform their lives into something beautiful that they love. Whether working through rational or emotional challenges, students feel inspired to change their attitudes and approaches in deep and meaningful ways. This is the work we need in order to fully realize a paradigm shift in our world."

"I was so impressed with how quickly Ian was able to identify, process, and advise my situation of boredom. His response, to me, basically asked that I be brave. I think that Ian's workshop calls for all his participants to tap into their courage for their own benefit and that of others. Thank You.”

"Honestly, I need to metabolize the experience over the next few days in order to summarize exactly what I'm taking away tonight. It was a delicious mouthful and I'm still chewing.”

"Thank you for your time and energy. Incredible. You are a wonderful example of authenticity."

+ Youth Education Training Participant

"I'm writing to tell you how much I enjoyed your presentation at the Youth Ed training session. Creating ever more learner-centered activities for the children and youth we serve is a goal of our committee. Your overview of the philosophy and practices that provide the basis for your training has given us a valuable reference we can turn to as we go forward. Thank you so much for being part of our program."

+ Self Reflection Document Recipient

"At many stages of life we all have moments that make us pause, reflect, and consider changes we might like to make, areas of growth we’ve identified, and relationships that we need to let go of or open up to and evolve within. Ian’s self reflection documents provided a much needed platform to dive in internally at a level I never was able to obtain before with so many options of “next steps” moving forward! I often thought my own reflection before was purposeful. I now realize it was “safe,” which often didn't lead to much challenge or change. Following the format laid out by Ian allowed me to find within myself concrete tools for self exploration and ways to implement this change. Finding radical nuances as well as subtle shifts have allowed me to live mindfully in my relationship with others and with myself. I am able to find more peace even as life opens me up to the many vulnerable and uncomfortable opportunities/challenges that await."

+ PDC Course Instructor

"Fantastic job - extremely complimentary to the program."

+ Qigong Students

"Ian masterfully presents the knowledge behind the components of the Formless Form Qigong set while refining the movements, the posture of the body, and the breath, making it easier to understand the “why” and the “how” of the set. He is skilled at meeting the students where they are at, and challenging them to follow the path and the practice. It is evident that he is passionate about his own practice, and encourages others to embody this for themselves as well."

"Ian is an encouraging facilitator. He has been a large part of my ongoing practice since taking my first classes in Formless Form qigong. His clear, quiet leadership of group practice improves my technique and enhances my understanding of the theory behind the practice. He clearly demonstrates and articulates helpful messages, but most important, he regularly reminds us that listening and responding to the qi in our own regular practice is the best instructor."

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
— Howard Thurman